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Our step-by-step drum lessons, taught by a professional drummer, are designed to empower you with the skills you need to become a great musician.  You’ll learn techniques and tips to play with conviction and confidence.


Find Your Rhythm

Step by step drum lessons, from beginners to advanced, at an affordable price of just £49.99!

Featuring video tutorials from a pro drummer.

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The Path To Becoming A Great Musician

Each lesson is individually designed and influenced by some of the best professionals in the industry. You are provided with high quality content that will empower you with the skills you need to become a great drummer!



The lessons are designed from years of professional experience in the music industry.



You will learn techniques & tips which will help you carry out the skills you’ll learn with conviction and confidence.



Meet your goals and dreams with a new start from our professional lessons.

Lesson Topics

What You’ll Learn

Drumkit Setup and Sticks

Start at the beginning and learn the fundamentals of set up, tuning and equipment.

Basic and Intermediate Rhythms

We break down all the main rhythms and put them together step by step so you can lay down the beats yourself.

Drum music notatation

Drum Music Notation

Learn how to understand and read drum music (notation). In the process, you will grow as a drummer.

Drum Fills and Brushes

elaborate on more sophisticated drum fills and breaks. Adding a touch of class and variation to all the rhythms you have learned.

Advanced Rhythms

Learn rhythms that were instrumental in transforming music and are still evolving today.

Play Along

Reading and Playing Along to Tracks

a selection of songs/tracks which you can read and play along to in real time. You can interpret the music in your own personal way

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